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On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 17:54, Antoine Pitrou <> wrote:

It covers the user's desire customization very well (esp. if it worked with
sys.__interactivehook__ has the benefit of being cleanly settable from
python code.
But it might well be a YAGNI idea.

$PYTHONSTARTUP doesn't work with -i

Perhaps it should?
I can't think of a thing that makes sense in $PYTHONSTARTUP that I wouldn't
want with -i.
(and if there is one, one can add a test for sys.flags.interactive, or run
with env PYTHONSTARTUP='')

Point to watch out for: errors in $PYTHONSTARTUP.
One of the uses of "python -i" is doing on an exception
thrown by the script;
ideally a broken $PYTHONSTARTUP would not overr

"customization" than editing?
The fact that it'd be implemented in
Yes, obviously, if it's implemented in, -S should disable it.  My
point was that it doesn't have to be implemented there.  You could drink the
cool aid instead :-)
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