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Modifying an object which is already on a traditional queue can also change what is received by the other thread (depending on timing).  So Queue.Queue's put() is not "atomic" either.  Therefore I do not believe this behaviour is a bug. 

However the solution proposed is a good one since it fixes Issue 10886.  In addition it prevents arbitrary code being run in the background thread by weakref callbacks or __del__ methods.  Such arbitrary code may cause inconsistent state in a forked process if the fork happens while the queue's thread is running -- see issue 6271.

I have submitted a patch for Issue 10886.  It is basically the same as 
patch_27maint.diff, but it is against the default mercurial branch.  (Also, it is a bit simpler because does it does not unnecessarily modify Queue.get().)

I would suggest closing this issue and letting Issue 10886 take it's place.
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