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Œ, œ or even & are historically ligatures or "ligatured forms".
In the French typography, they are "single plain letters" and
they belong the group of the 42 letters used in the French
Typographically speaking, using "oe" instead of "œ" is considered
as a mistake, while not using the ligatured forms for the groups
of letters like ff, ffi, ffl, fj, et, st is acceptable.

Microsoft with cp1252, Apple with mac-roman, Adobe and all
foundries and now "Unicode" are working correctly.

It should be noted, when "TeX" moved from the ascii to iso-8859-1
(more precisely "CorkEncoding") as default encoding, "they" saw
the problem and introduced the \oe or \OE commands.

From my understanding and my point of view on the subject, ISO has
somehow recognized his mistake by introducing iso-8859-15.
Infortunatelly, it was too late.

To the subject: Œdipe: correct, Oedipe, OEdipe: incorrect.

Without beeing an expert on that field, all the informations
one can find on Wikipedia (French) regarding questions about
typography are generally correct.
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