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Author higery
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Date 2011-08-23.11:34:34
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>>higery: Would you have a bit of free time to help use here?

Certainly yes.

I have run the, the main error message is about "ValueError: path is on mount 'c:', start on mount 'D:'". One sample is:

ERROR: test_uses (packaging.tests.test_database.TestDistribution)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\add-develop-command\lib\packaging\tests\", line 148, in setUp
    os.path.join(distinfo_dir, file)))
  File "D:\add-develop-command\lib\packaging\tests\", line 36, in record_pieces
    path = relpath(file, sys.prefix)
  File "D:\add-develop-command\lib\", line 622, in relpath
    raise ValueError(error)
ValueError: path is on mount 'c:', start on mount 'D:'
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