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Date 2011-08-22.22:03:43
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> Uh, does it? With 4G it should raise OverflowError, and not try to do
> anything else.
> Could I ask you to try to take a look? :S

Sure; I'll see what I can figure out tomorrow.

> Running bigmem tests in parallel doesn't make much sense IMO. You want
> to run as many of them as you can, which requires that you allocate all
> memory to *one* test process.

Yeah, actually running them in parallel isn't a sensible use. But it bit me
because I was just using "make test EXTRATESTOPTS='-uall -M11G test_pickle'".
It would be nice to have a warning so other people don't get confused by the
same problem. I guess that shouldn't be too hard to arrange.
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