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Date 2011-08-22.12:13:58
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It turned out that this can't be fixed in 2.7 unless we backport the patch in #5127 (it's in 3.2/3.3 but not in 2.7).

IIUC the macro works fine and joins surrogate pairs to a Py_UCS4 char, but since the Py_UNICODE_IS* macros still expect Py_UCS2 on narrow builds on 2.7, the higher bits gets truncated and the macros return wrong results.

So, for example
    >>> u'\ud800\udc42'.isupper()
because \ud800 + \udc42 = \U000100429  →  \U000100429 gets truncated to \u0429  →  \u0429 is the CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SHCHA  →  .isupper() returns True.

The current behavior is instead broken in another way, because it checks that u'\ud800'.isupper() and u'\udc42'.isupper() separately.

Would it make sense to backport #5127 or should I just give up and leave it broken?
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