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For the sys.build_info, I opened #12794 (platform.major()) but then quickly closed it because it was only useful if the issue #12795 (Remove the major version from sys.platform) was accepted, but I closed it.


Update votes for "(2) Python 3.3: change sys.platform to 'linux'":

Charles-François Natali: -1
Amaury Forgeot d'Arc: -1

Antoine Pitrou: +1
Barry A. Warsaw: +1
Éric Araujo: +1
Dave Malcolm: +1
Marc-Andre Lemburg: +1
Martin v. Löwis: +1
Victor Stinner: +1

=> total=+5 (9 votes)

The changeset b072e1559d6b (sys.platform is now always 'linux') closes this issue because it solves the initial problem. Did you notice how trivial is the final patch? ;-)

This funny issue is closed, we can now work again on real bugs :-)
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