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>> The only way I can read this argument that makes any sense to me is
>> that you are arguing for a precise build-time OS string.  If it is
>> supposed to be an argument in favor of keeping 'linux3' it makes no
>> sense, since '2' vs '3' is in no way a useful line of demarcation
>> when it comes to linux.

The build time Linux kernel has no effect on Python's build procedure
whatsoever. Python does not use the kernel at all for building; it
only uses the C library headers, and the kernel headers that happen
to be incorporated into the version of the C library installed. That
affects what features get selected during build time.

Notice that the proposed fix to keep os.platform to "linux2" actually
means that there is *no change*, as os.platform always was "linux2"
on the system. It is a bug that it reports "linux3" in some cases,
and that bug is being fixed.
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