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It's really hard to follow this issue. I'm trying to sum up, please comment my message if I'm wrong.


If I understood correctly, this issue has 3 remaining points:

(1) Python 2.7 and 3.2: force sys.platform to 'linux2'? Votes:

Antoine Pitrou: -1
Victor Stinner: +0
Martin von Gagern: +1
Barry A. Warsaw: +1
Martin v. Löwis: +1
Marc-Andre Lemburg: +1

=> total=+3 (6 votes)

(2) Python 3.3: change sys.platform to 'linux'? Votes:

Martin v. Löwis: +1
Charles-François Natali: -1
Amaury Forgeot d'Arc: -1
Antoine Pitrou: -0 ?
Victor Stinner: +1

=> total=0 (5 votes)

(3) Python 3.3: if point (2) is accepted, add a new variable providing more information about the build platform


For the first point, it looks like most people agree to keep 'linux2' on Linux 3 for Python 2.7 and 3.2. I converted Matthias Klose's patch (msg140061) into a patch for Python 3.2: configure_linux2.python3.2.patch. If this patch is accepted, changesets 69dd70e70cc8 (2.7) and 9e3b28a7898f (3.2) have to be reverted (issue #12571).

I prefer to do nothing for (1), but users usually prefer software that "just work". Example: see Arch Linux fiasco when they chose to use Python 3 for /usr/bin/python. Some distro (Debian and Ubuntu?) will anyway use this approach.


For the second point, there is no consensus.

I changed my vote from -1 to +1 because... I would like to close the issue (!) and I agree that I will easier to manipulate 'linux' instead of 'linux2' or 'linux3' or 'linux4' or ... (we have such problem today with freebsd2..freebsd8).


For the last point, point (3): I think that it would be easier to wait until the point (2) is decided, because the point (3) depends on point (2).

@Marc-Andre Lemburg: you might open a different issue (when point 2 will be deciced)? I consider that it is a different topic because sysconfig already contains requested informations and so it's more a new feature.
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