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James Y Knight wrote:
> YAGNI. Nobody has needed sys.build_platform yet. (And no, sys.platform isn't it, since that's been fixed at linux2 approximately forever). Why do you think people would suddenly start needing to know the build-time kernel version now?

Because it's been integrated to sys.platform for years and on many
platforms. If we now plan to remove it, the information has to be
available from somewhere else, hence the new attribute.

Note that I'm talking about removing it for all platforms, not just
Linux, which has had the major version 2 number for 15 years, but
also for FreeBSD which releases new major versions far more
frequently. The new attribute also helps on Mac OS X and Linux,
since it includes the minor version as well.

BTW: Your "forever" is a rather short time period - Python predates
Linux :-)
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