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On 08/18/2011 05:54 PM, higery wrote:
> Then do you also mean support that for setuptools install is also not necessary in packaging core?

setuptools install is only supported in packaging because it's a widely 
used thing, and many python distributions are currently packaged using 
setuptools features in their

 > I think the current implemention way of Packaging 'install' command 
just offers an executing router to run a proper 'install', which users 
doesn't need to know.

What packaging.install does is, if the project has been packaged using 
setuptools, relying on it to install the projects, while not letting it 
take care of the dependencies. Then, the .egginfo is converted to a 
.distinfo, so the way setuptools distributions are installed is *not* 
compatible with setuptools installation procedure.

It is important to note that setuptools will *not* be a dependency for 
packaging, but rather the end user will be prompted to install it if 
it's not present and he wants to install a setuptools based project (or 
if what he's trying to install relies on setuptools based projects).

The problem with the develop command seems different to my eyes: develop 
is used by developers, not by end users. Thus, proposing them to keep 
using the "old" setuptools develop command in packaging may seem like 
encouraging them to continue using setuptools.

Rather, I would prefer to say: "well, if you want to use setuptools' 
develop command, you can continue to do so, but the way to go would 
probably to repackage your project using shiny new standards". That's 
one of the handles we have to help the transition to packaging, so 
taking this occasion seems important to me.
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