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> The code review links point to something weird.

That's because I posted a patch for another issue. It's the patch set 5, not the patch set 6 :-)

Direct link:

> My first impression is that your patch does not accomplish much beyond
> replacing some literal expressions with macros.

Yes, and it avoids the duplication of some code patterns, as explained in my message. I would like to avoid constants in the code. Some macros are *a little bit* faster than the current code.

> What I wanted to achieve with this issue was to enable writing code
> without #ifdef Py_UNICODE_WIDE branches.

Yes, and I think that it's better to split this issue in two steps:

 1- add macros for the surrogates (test, join, ...)

> In your patch these branches seem to still be there
> and in fact it appears that new code is longer than the old one

Yes, the code adds more lines than it removes. Is it a problem? My goal is to have more readable code (easier to maintain).
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