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I wrote:

>> Python's narrow builds are, in a sense, 'between' UCS-2 and UTF-16.

> So I'm finding.  Perhaps that's why I keep getting confused. I do have a pretty firm
> notion of what UCS-2 and UTF-16 are, and so I get sometimes self-contradictory results.
> Can you think of anywhere that Python acts like UCS-2 and not UTF-16?  I'm not sure I
> have found one, although the regex thing might count.

I just thought of one.  The casemapping functions don't work right on
Deseret, which is a non-BMP case-changing scripts.  That's one I submitted
as a bug, because I figure if the the UTF-8 decoder can decode the non-BMP
code points into paired UTF-16 surrogates, then the casing functions had
jolly well be able to deal with it.  If the UTF-8 decoder knows it is only
going to UCS-2, then it should have raised on exception on my non-BMP source.
Since it went to UTF-16, the rest of the language should have behaved accordingly.
Java does to this right, BTW, despite its UTF-16ness.

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