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Date 2011-08-14.20:28:36
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Thanks for the patch. I agree with the interpretation of the format string.
One thing is unclear though: Using this interpretation the multi-dimensional 
array notation in format strings only seems useful for pointers to arrays.

The PEP isn't so clear on that, would you agree?

I'm not done reviewing the patch, just a couple of nitpicks:

  - We need a function declaration of _ctypes_alloc_format_string_with_shape()
    in ctypes.h.

  - prefix_len = 32*(ndim+1) + 3: This is surely sufficient, but (ndim+1)
    is not obvious to me. I think we need (20 + 1) * ndim + 3.

  - I'd use "%zd" for Py_ssize_t (I know that in other parts of the
    code "%ld" is used, too).
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