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Tom Christiansen wrote:
> Tom Christiansen <> added the comment:
> Please do not call this "utf-8-java". It is called "cesu-8" per UTS#18 at:
> CESU-8 is *not* a a valid Unicode Transform Format and should not be called UTF-8. It is a real pain in the butt, caused by people who misunderand Unicode mis-encoding UCS-2 into UTF-8, screwing it up. I understand the need to be able to read it, but call it what it is, please.
> Despite the talk about Lucene, I note that the Perl port of Lucene uses real UTF-8, not CESU-8.

CESU-8 is a different encoding than the one we are talking about.

The only difference between UTF-8 and the modified one is the different
encoding for the U+0000 code point to have the output not contain
any NUL bytes.
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