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@haypo: Because it affects version 2.7 too.

@Victor: Even since we will not backport any modules to Python 2.7, is not worth to sign that this affects it too? Even wontfix or rejected, it affects, does not?

Have I made something wrong? Sorry to be so newbie about this.

Long explanation:

Is not easy to change/extend datetime, as stated by several other before. Searching the bugs for 2.x only does not shows that someone else already care about this issue AND that it exists at 2.x too.

I am getting a hard time trying to do some BDD with c-based datetime because I cannot mock it easily to force to return a desired value, making almost impossible to test time-based code, like the accounting system that I am refactoring right now.

Another solution would be to "open" C-based classes to allow modification, that is not planned to be into near future Python versions AFAIK.

I came to fill a new bug with all this, but then found this one that is already mature enough, with even BDFL and python-dev opinion.

Then my (maybe pointless) plan was to gather more arguments favor to change into python-based datetime, but you replied first...
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