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Date 2011-08-05.15:59:43
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shortly after opening this issue i removed -mno-cygwin from my 2.7.2 install and have had no issues on win7 32bit. but i understand you're hesitation.

regardless what you decide, please consider placing a summary note in the source comments as a safety net.

if you'd like me to try building a limited set of extensions to help with your decision, let me know.  i have the following mingw toolchains on my win7 32bit system:

* tdm gcc 4.5.2 -
* mingw-w64 prefix-stripped gcc 4.5.4 -
* Ruben's gcc 4.6.2 personal build -

i'm not speaking for Ruben, but as he maintains you might try cajoling him if you feel you need more test results ;)

re:, understood, thanks...quick-testing.
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