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Author glchapman
Date 2003-01-23.17:03:02
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Sorry about the parenthetical comment; I think what I was trying 
to say is basically what you have in your last paragraph.

As for use cases, I don't have any myself (I ran into this with 
some test code for a metaclass which "overrides" __bases__).  
However, grepping through the standard library, I note that one 
place where assignment to __bases__ is used is in 
xmlrpclib.SlowParser.  It appears to me that if SlowParser and 
xmllib.XMLParser (neither of which has a base class) were 
converted to new-style classes, the assignment to __bases__ 
would generate this exception.  Of course, that shouldn't be too 
hard to work around if that turns out to be necessary.

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