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Date 2011-08-01.12:57:20
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I did some more work on the patch and committed.  Thanks again to both of you.

I also thought again about this remark:

> Changeset r83996 was introduced to prevent sdist from overwriting a
> project maintained manifest by testing for a comment at the head of
> the manifest file. It's not clear to me this was necessary because the
> write_manifest() should never have been called if the template was
> absent but a manifest existed.

I also wonder if that was necessary; I did not fully understand the bug at the time.  Unfortunately, now that we have a handful of releases out there with this change, we have to support the magic comment.  For distutils2 however (a.k.a. “packaging” module in 3.3), I’ll open another bug report and if the same bugs apply (MANIFEST handling is a bit different there), I’ll try to fix the bug without using a magic comment.
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