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Date 2011-07-26.23:02:52
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> Stefan Krah <> wrote:
> > (gdb) p result = setlocale(category, "tr_TR.ISO8859-9")
> > $8 = 0x0
> > (gdb) p result = setlocale(category, "tr_TR")
> > $9 = 0x96d770 "tr_TR"
> > (gdb) p locale
> > $10 = 0x7ffff0f6a5b0 "tr_TR.ISO8859-9"
> > (gdb)
> Perhaps this is a bug in Fedora's setlocale that can't handle the turkish 'I'
> in 'ISO' when CTYPE is turkish.

Perhaps indeed. Maybe you should try to report it.
It does look like an OS bug in any case.
(fortunately that buildbot is in the "unstable" bunch :-))
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