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Date 2011-07-21.05:39:28
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In the discussion about adding support for parameterized tests (issue 7897), it seemed clear that parameterizing individual tests was a different issue from parameterizing TestCases. This, then, is a request to support parameterization of TestCases.

The fundamental idea is that one should be able to define a TestCase - fixtures, individual tests, etc. - and then be able to reuse that TestCase with different sets of parameters. This should all mesh cleanly with the rest of the unittest system, though it's not entirely clear what that entails.

As a motivation, consider a TestCase that tests the public API for a database abstraction system. The abstraction may work against any of a number of backends, but the public API remains the same for each. A parameterized TestCase would let you write one test for the public API and then run it for each of the backends.
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