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Date 2011-07-19.13:31:20
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Waiting for a new version of boost probably won't help: this is an incompatibility between a redefinition of ctypes macros in pyport.h and definitions in the C++ header <locale>.

I barely use C++ at this time and don't know how to tweak the headers to avoid this problem. It would probably have been better to not redefine the ctype.h definitions, we should have introduced Py_isascii etc. That requires some invasive changes to the Python codebase though, and I'm not sure if that is worth the trouble.

Could someone attach a sample project that suffers from this issue (with instructions on how to build it)? That would make it easier to debug the problem.

(Removing python 2.6 because that version receives only security patches at this time, adding 3.2 and 3.3 because those use the same code in pyport.h and hence should also be affected by this issue)
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