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> This patch is functionally equivalent, but advertises 'tls-unique'
> support in a bit different way.
> HAS_TLS_UNIQUE is not exposed in the python 'ssl' module, instead a
> list 'CHANNEL_BINDING_TYPES' is provided (empty when 'tls-unique' is
> not supported). get_channel_binding raises ValueError if the argument
> is not on this list. This way the API can be extended to other channel
> binding types without adding new constants or functions. Adding a new
> channel binding type would not need any modifications in the API
> client code (if it is designed to use arbitrary cb types).

Thanks, this is a good idea. I'm trying to get advice on the
openssl-users mailing-list about this and will commit if I don't get any
contradicting info soon ;)
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