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Date 2011-07-14.18:18:28
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I got it to build on HP-UX 11.  However, there are a lot of compiler warnings about type mismatches, the _ctypes, _multiprocessing and termios modules failed to build, and "make test" died after not finding a usable "binascii" module.

To get it to build, I did the following:
1)  Applied the patch I attached to issue 12561
2)  Created a directory sys, and copied /usr/include/sys/stdsyms.h into it.
3)  Did "chmod 644" on sys/stdsyms.h and applied the patch stdsyms.patch that I've attached to this issue to it.
4)  Ran configure with the argument "CPPFLAGS=-I."

At this point, make ran to completion, and produced a python binary.  However, "make test" dies within seconds of starting up.
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