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Here are comments on the doc patch.

+Run as a script
I’d say “Command-Line Interface”.

+``smtpd`` is a pluggable RFC 2821-compliant SMTP proxy.
:mod:`smtpd` is also a pluggable etc.

+.. program::
Strip the .py

+   the ``setuid``
Please use markup like :func:`os.setuid`.

+   flag in order to run ``smtpd`` as a regular user.
Use :mod:`smtpd` or :program:`smtp` (not very important).

+   Turns on verbose debugging prints (to stderr)
Turn on verbose debbugging, which prints to stderr.

+   The concrete SMTP proxy class ``smtpd`` should use to perform its
+   proxying.
Could you add a link to a section of the doc that defines such classes?

+.. option:: localhost:localport
Currently undocumented.
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