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Date 2011-07-11.16:13:05
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> Goal #1: set up Python
I believe covers this.

> Goal #2: prepare a text editor
This is missing from our docs.  (My first thought was that it was out of scope, but for complete beginners, it would be nice to give a few pointers.)

> Goal #3: practice starting and exiting Python
The tutorial has one page about that.

> Goal #4: practice navigating the computer from a command prompt
Out of scope?

> Goal #5: practice running Python code from a file
This is probably in the tutorial or using docs, I have to check.

> Goal #6: get dependencies installed for the Saturday projects
This used to be non-standard, but now that we have packaging and pysetup, I translate this item to a doc bug: Explain how to use pysetup to get dependencies (in using, I think).

> Goal #7: start learning Python!
> Goal #8: Checkoff
Nothing to add, IMO.
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