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Date 2011-07-11.15:28:39
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> Apparently -m and pysetup3 run don't perform
> identically, but that isn't relevant for this bug.
That’s very surprising, given that they have the same one-line code.  Please file that bug.

> Regarding bdist, I got bdist_wininst to work but I had to modify the
> code in place, it did not work by default.
Can you report that too, if there is no existing bug?  (Maybe it’s #10945 or another one.)

> It also creates an exe installer, not an MSI.
Why would you think it creates an MSI?  bdist_wininst is not bdist_msi.

> bdist_msi is not set as a valid command to run inside the commands
> package
Is it a problem?  In distutils too, bdist_msi is not registered in command.__init__, as it can’t run on non-Windows, but the bdist command knows that it exists and can run it.  IOW, there are two registries of bdist commands: in command.__init__, which is used by --help-commands and others, and in bdist.  In distutils, calling bdist --formats=msi or directly bdist_msi works (on Windows); if it doesn’t work with packaging, this is another bug to report.
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