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@neologix: I don't understand why do you want to hurry, this issue will not be fixed in the next release (3.2.1, it's too late), and I don't think that the next release (3.3? or is it something before?) will come before few months.


I don't think that replacing "linux3" by "linux" for sys.platform does change anything. I agree with neologix:

> Any application relying on sys.platform == 'linux2' is already broken.

Even if we change sys.platform in Python 2.7.3, 3.2.2 and/or 3.3, I bet that some Linux distro will bundle older versions with Linux 3. It means that we will have "linux2", "linux3", "linux". It is just worse.


I propose to just patch the code checking for linux2 where it is inappropriate. I attached linux3.patch: patch for Python 3.2 fixing mention of linux2. It replaces sys.platform == 'linux2' by sys.platform in ('linux2', 'linux3'), os.uname()[0] == 'Linux' or platform.system() == 'Linux', depending on the context. In, I used os.uname()[0] to avoid bootstrap issues, but it is maybe possible to use platform.system() there.


@loewis: What is the code responsable to use/load Lib/plat-* modules?

Can we use a symlink from plat-linux2 to plat-linux3? Or should we copy the whole directory?


@lemburg: What will be the value of sys.system on Cygwin? "windows" or "cygwin"? It looks like sys.platform is "cygwin" if Python was compiled using Cygwin, "win32" if Python was compiled using Visual Studio. sys.system is maybe redundant with platform.system() (except that platform requires to call os.uname, but only once).

@lemburg: sys.system_info looks to be redundant with the platform module.
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