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Nice work with the patch Stefan - I've added a few review comments (including a suggestion on how to deal with the GetContiguous problem).

One idea that review did prompt is that if we aren't going back to the original object for fresh buffer requests, perhaps we should expose the underlying object as a read-only property of the memoryview objects. That way if the original view is unsuitable (e.g. read-only when a writable buffer is needed) it should be straightforward to go back to the underlying object to request something different.

Another question Stefan raised is whether or not PyMemoryView_FromObject should accept a "flags" argument that it passes on to the underlying "getbuffer" call. I'm inclined to say yes - ideally I'd like to *only* expose PyMemoryView and PyManagedBuffer (rather than GetBuffer/ReleaseBuffer) for the limited API, which means accepting the flags argument for the two higher level interfaces.
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