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Yes, Numpy exposes only a single buffer per object. Making this a requirement in the PEP would probably be a sane change, as there is probably little real-world need to allow it behave otherwise.

Comment on the patch: it seems you do not track the re-export count in memory_getbuf:

    a = memoryview(obj)
    b = numpy.asarray(a)
    b[0] = 123 # <-- BOOM: the buffer was already released

Could be fixed by Py_INCREF(self->mbuf) in getbuffer and DECREF in releasebuffer. In this design, the only choice is to make the `release()` call to fail. (I had some code for n-dim slicing etc. in my first patch that could be useful to have too; I'll see if I find time to dig them out here.)
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