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> Martin: PEP 11 lists platforms no-longer supported, but does not list
> those that are.

You mean, "doesn't list the platforms that are still supported"?

That's on purpose: the point of PEP 11 is to warn current users about
forthcoming changes, not to track support status for specific platforms.

> For writing/reviewing patches like this, it would be
> helpful if it did. Is __hpux __ia64 a supported platform, so that
> this would be a legal patch? With the OP apparently not interested,
> there seems to be no one to test such patches.

Python never worked really well on HP-UX, but it worked in some form
for a long time. Don't know whether that makes it a "supported
platform". Accepting patches for HP-UX is fine with me. It would be
better if some committer could confirm that the patch actually works,
and also confirm that it doesn't break other releases of HP-UX.
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