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Author skrah
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Date 2011-06-18.14:20:40
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The latest patch is based on a relatively stable revision of 3.3. To my
knowledge, _decimal.c and are now fully compatible in the
sense of PEP-399.


    o New test suite with comprehensive tests against decNumber.

    o Full support for 32-bit compilers (tested with CompCert).


    o cdecimal.c is now called _decimal.c. Instead of importing cdecimal,
      _decimal is transparently imported as decimal (if the C version is

    o Unified unit tests with 100% code coverage for both and
      _decimal.c. For _decimal.c, the tests include all failures of
      Python API functions (requires special patch for testing).

    o now also tests arbitrary input and makes sure that both
      modules raise the same exceptions.

    o Both modules produce the same pickle output for Decimal and Context.


    o Speed up int/Decimal conversion for integers that fit into a
      single word of a PyLongObject (performance gain is around 15%).

    o real(), imag(), conjugate(), __complex__() support.

    o Fraction and complex comparison support.

    o Decimal constructor now accepts lists as well as tuples.

    o DecimalTuple support.

    o General cleanup and refactoring. The functions for conversions 
      between Decimal and other numeric types are much cleaner now 
      and could be used for a PyDec_* API.
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