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Date 2011-06-14.06:11:19
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> This change is reasonable for the long term.  But it *will* break a lot of code.

[If you favor a specific change, please indicate what that is. I'm
assuming you support my proposal for the moment :-]

I agree it will break a lot of code, but it's also somewhat urgent
because we will get 'linux3' if we don't act, which will also break
a lot of code (but more subtly, since people testing their code may
do so on Linux 2, only to get bug reports that it breaks on "some"
Linux systems). I'm sure Linus Torvalds is fully aware of the possible
consequences of the version change, and just accepted the breakage
that this would cause.

It's important that we set a policy before the Linux distributions
do (which may end up choosing different policies). We don't actually
have to *release* this change quickly, since Linux distributions
who release 3.x kernels will fix their Python packages themselves.
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