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Author ocean-city
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Date 2011-06-13.03:00:19
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This issue seems to be reproduced in following way.

1. Attach USB flash drive. (On my machine, it was attached as E drive)

2. Run python interactive shell and run following commands.
   (Confirmed on Python2.6)

  > import mmap
  > f = open("e:/temp.tmp", "w+b")
  > f.write("foo")
  > f.flush()
  > m = mmap.mmap(f.fileno(), 3)
  > m[:] = "xxx"

3. Detach USB flash drive violently here! (Without safety mechanism
   to detach USB flash drive, just plug it off) Note that
   python shell is still running.

4. Enter following command in python shell.
  > m.flush()
   It returns *0*. (Means failure)
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