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Author vstinner
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Date 2011-06-10.13:37:49
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Version 2 of my patch (mbcs2.patch):
 - patch also the encoder: fix ignore/replace depending on the Windows version, support any error handler: encode character per character if encoding in strict mode fails
 - Add PyUnicode_DecodeCodePageStateful() and PyUnicode_EncodeCodePage() functions
 - Expose these functions as codecs.code_page_decode() and codecs.code_page_encode()

The encoder raises a RuntimeError("recursive call") (ugly message!) if the result of the error handler is a Unicode string that cannot be encoded to the code page.

More TODO:

 - write tests using codecs.code_page_decode() and codecs.code_page_encode()
 - Fix FIXME (e.g. support surrogates in the encoder)
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