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packaging.command.cmd already has this method: it was renamed to get_reinitialized_function, to better match other method names.

> the workaround of my code is just setting the 'distinfo-dir' option
> with os.curdir value
Yes, that’s a workaround :)  Have you tested writing to build.build_lib (see my previous message)?  The test command for example runs the tests in the build dir, to test what will really get packaged, and to allow build-time 2to3 conversion.

One part of properly implementing a build_distinfo command that can be tricky is the .dist-info/RECORD file.  If you just move the code from install_distinfo, the locations in the RECORD file will not be the actual locations of the files.  Possibilities:
1) don’t generate RECORD at all → invalid PEP 376
2) generate RECORD with paths to the files in the build dir
3) other?
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