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Marc-Andre Lemburg <> wrote:
> >> >> Regarding the latest patch: This is not the right approach, since
> >> >> find_vcvarsall() is supposed to return the path to the vcvarsall.bat
> >> >> file and not an architecture specific setup file. It is later
> >> >> called with the arch identifier, which the arch specific setup files
> >> >> don't check or use.
> > > 
> > > The patch does not change anything for Visual Studio Pro. In Visual Studio
> > > Express (+SDK) vcvarsall.bat is broken, so the architecture specific setup
> > > files have to be used (they also work with a superfluous parameter).
> I guess what I wanted to say is that find_vcvarsall() should
> return None for VC Express and code using it should then
> revert to using a new find_vcvars() function, which takes the
> architecture as parameter and returns the path to the correct
> architecture setup file.
> Hacking the support into find_vcvarsall() is not the right
> approach. You have to add this support one level further up.

I agree that it is nicer if find_vcvarsall() actually returns vcvarsall.
The next level though is query_vcvarsall(), so it would still be wrong
to query vcvars64 in that function.

So unless query_vcvarsall() is renamed to something neutral like set_vcvars(),
I'm not sure where to add the support. But I imagine that renaming is out of
the question.
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