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Date 2011-06-05.19:55:41
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On Tue 31 May 2011, Brian May wrote:
> Also had a half-hearted attempt at porting to Python 2.7, but
> didn't get past compiling, the code requires BEGIN_SELECT_LOOP
> and END_SELECT_LOOP macros that aren't defined in Python 2.7 -
> I tried copying the definitions from Python 3.3, but that
> didn't work either. Not sure if it is worth the effort if
> Python 2.7 is closed to new features.

Well, if it's any use to anyone, here is a backport to 2.x (the
*_SELECT_LOOP macros aren't important, and it's otherwise

Also attaching a new 3.x patch which fixes some deprecated markup
in the docs and adds the send/recvmsg() methods to
test_wrapped_unconnected() in
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baikie-hwundram-v6-for-2.x.diff baikie, 2011-06-05.19:55:40
baikie-hwundram-v6.diff baikie, 2011-06-05.19:55:31
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