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Sorry for the delay. I've just uploaded from Ubuntu using python2.6 with patched distutils module to and can confirm it works without problems on Linux.

So I can guarantee there won't be any regress in 99.9% of cases and <0.1% of cases that are left, risk of breaking these flaky setups doesn't outweight the need to close this security hole.

I can fill separate bug for packaging, server certificate validation and support for non-SSL builds of python (for which there is workaround with upload -r <server> option that I've just discovered), but it is an additional delay and the only reason I invested some time into this issue is because I saw RC announcements.

P.S. To Martin. CAcert is not trusted authority on Windows, and all browsers warn about it, so we need to distribute its root certificate with Python if we want to validate ours.
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