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Author petri.lehtinen
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Date 2011-05-31.11:52:23
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I tried to compile Python 3.3 (from default branch) with DONT_HAVE_FSTAT and DONT_HAVE_STAT. It seems to depend even more heavily on stat() being available, in other files than Python/import.c.

With 2.7, it was quite easy to disable the .pyc/.pyo writing in the absence of fstat(), but the NullImporter needs to be able to check for a directory. In addition, the build process fails when trying to run " build", because distutils cannot be imported. And it cannot be imported because it's a package, and packages (directories) cannot be detected without having stat().

So... Unless we have another way to check for a directory, I'm not sure whether it will be possible to compile Python at all without stat().
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