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RE: comment msg137266 - thanks for responding, Alex - though
don't get misled by that wrapper script I wrote, though - I
ended up replacing it with a short "C" program, which I'll attach
after this comment.

RE: > I think Python is awesome ...

I think Python is awesome too - I've been programming with it for nearly
eight years now - but I HATE the modern propensity for replacing
perfectly OK "C" programs and shell scripts with Python , or any
other interpreter, "Just for the sake of it", 
- let's be clear what an interpreter or compiler's job is :
   it is to present the correct machine code to the computer for
   execution to perform a certain well defined task
. So I don't think an "interpreter script" is automatically, by
definition, preferable to a compiled executable.  And I don't
like significant white-space and PERL will always be my preferred
script interpreter, sorry Python, that's just the way it is .

I'm appending the "C" source python wrapper program that I use after this.
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