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I respectfully disagree. I take strptime('2002 01 1', '%Y %V %u') as mening "first day of first week in the year 2002"

There is only one date that corresponds to the first day of the first week of 2002, i.e. Dec. 31, 2001. If you specify the first day of the first week of 2001 instead, then that's another date (Jan. 1, 2001). The last and the first week in a year may span dates belonging to two years.  That's just the way it is.

Are you suggesting strptime('2002 01 1', '%Y %V %u') to mean "first day of first week of 2002, except if that would change the year, in which case it means ???"

If you want to strftime(strptime(date, fmt), fmt) and arrive at the original date then yes, you need %G (but only in strftime).
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