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Author wrobell
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Date 2011-05-26.17:45:50
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looking into the above fails due to following check

  AC_MSG_CHECKING(for %lld and %llu printf() format support)

the check compiles and tries to _run_ a bit of software to determine lld/llu support.

that of course fails (we are cross compiling). this is similar problem to ptmx/ptc problem (we do not know if host have support for ptmx/ptc).

i wonder if the following would be acceptable

1. if in cross compilation mode, the could load
2. the would define variables for ptmx/ptc, long long format and other checks which consist of running code snippets
3. appropriate checks (i.e. ptmx/ptc, lld/llu) would not be run in cross compilation mode. variables from would be used instead.
4. it would be a developer responsibility to set appropriate values for his platform in file.

does above sound like a solution?
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