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Date 2011-05-25.17:59:30
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> Well, this is apparently a feature request for socketserver.TCPServer.

Honestly, I'm not sure what this request is about.
The original request seemed to imply this should be made the default. I don't agree, and think this should be made optional. Also, the title is much more general: "TCP listening sockets created without FD_CLOEXEC flag".

> I don't see any problem in adding a best-effort option to add the cloexec flag, possibly atomically, and fall back on FD_CLOEXEC.
> People who "rely on this" can only do it if their system supports it anyway.

I wasn't clear. I thought we were talking about the socket constructor. In that case, yes, we could do that for socketserver, but with an explicit warning (because with a cloexec flag to a constructor, people will unconsciously expect it to behave like SOCK_CLOEXEC and be atomic).

> Speaking of which, the os module could expose the pipe2() function.

I'll work on a patch.
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