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Date 2011-05-23.14:33:43
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deprecate_codecs.patch: "Deprecate open(), StreamReader, StreamWriter, StreamReaderWriter, StreamRecord and EncodedFile() of the codec module. Use the builtin open() function or io.TextIOWrapper instead."

EncodedFile() and StreamRecord cannot be replaced easily by open() or TextIOWrapper. But do we still need this function? In 2002, Martin von Loewis wrote "I never found this class useful."

It is maybe no more useful with Python 3 which process all text data as Unicode, copy/paste of the mail thread:
> In a well-designed designed application, you should not need to say
> this. The inside world should use Unicode objects.

Agreed, but if you want to port an existing application to
the Unicode world, it sometimes helps.

Deprecated in Python 3.3, the related code will be removed in Python 3.4.
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