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Michele OrrĂ¹ wrote:
> Michele OrrĂ¹ <> added the comment:
> Sorry, I was told that email the bugtracker could not work properly.
>>> - mcbs has something broken in its imports;
>> mbcs is only available on Windows.
> So, what do you prefer? Add a check for sys.platform, or just skip it?

The test suite provides ways to implement known failures on
specific platforms, so I'd suggest to use those mechanisms.
I've never used those, so can't comment on how much work it is
to use them.

If that's too difficult, just use sys.platform.

>>> - tactis module is not present.
>> I'm not sure what happened here: either the alias entry is wrong
>> or the codec module was not committed.
>> In either case, no one has complained about this encoding not working,
>> so we can probably just remove it from the alias table. See
>> for a similar report and
>> discussion.
> I don't have such autority, and probably such a choice will require a discussion on python-dev. So I'm +1 for just skipping it for now (with a XXX comment on the right maybe).

Given the old discussion on the other ticket, it's fine to
remove the alias entry:

    # tactis codec
    'tis260'             : 'tactis',
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