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Author markm
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Date 2011-05-21.01:01:55
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I wasn't so happy trawling through \windows\installer either :) 

Creating an MSI to test is very simple, and actually quicker than I had originally thought. The latest patch (support_dir_for_msi_objs.patch) creates the one and just uses that. Optionally I could create a new one each time setUp()/tearDown(). But was thinking - let's do that if/when we need to :)

The latest patch updates the tests - but no change to the C code.

(I doubt the error you received is a bug in msilib, and I couldn't repro even by opening EVERY MSI in my windows\installer dir. It could be a rights/security issue? The previous test was not opening as READ ONLY - even though it never saved the db, so that may be another reason?)
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