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Date 2011-05-13.18:36:04
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Éric Araujo wrote:
> Éric Araujo <> added the comment:
> haypo asked me on IRC if I’d like to make a patch for this; I will, in some weeks.
> With respect to the recent thread about deprecations and 2.7 → 3.<latest> migrations, should this be a DeprecationWarning or PendingDeprecationWarning?  Neither is displayed by default, but using PDW would put the actual removal a version later.  I’m not sure about the timeframe here.

Please follow the PEP 387 guidelines. We are starting the deprecation
process with 3.3. I don't think we need a PendingDeprecationWarning
in 3.3, but we might want to add one to 2.7.
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