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Terry J. Reedy <> wrote:
> "Also, the segfault only occurs when python is
> compiled with optimizations and run under valgrind."
> This says to me that the segfault is not a Python issue.
> What change do you expect in the Python source code?
> If none, this issue should be closed.

I think that the passage you quoted is not a strong argument for closing
the issue. I've been using Valgrind for several years, and I've never
encountered a situation where Valgrind was wrong. This includes situations
where a bug only occurs with optimizations turned on.

If anything, the fact that it so far only occurs with gcc-4.3 might
be a reason. Even so, recently an issue was kept open until someone
(I think Victor) proved that it was a compiler bug.

I'm not sure what to make of your question and its conclusion. Debugging
Valgrind issues or compiler bugs takes a lot of time, so the requirement
to pinpoint the exact problem in order to keep an issue open seems too
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