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Author sdaoden
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Date 2011-05-06.15:33:05
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On Fri,  6 May 2011 02:54:07 +0200, Nadeem Vawda wrote:
> I think so. [.]
> it turns out that the OS X sparsefile crash is also covered by
> LargeMmapTests.test_large_offset() in test_mmap [!!!]. [.]

So i followed your suggestion and did not do something on zlib no
more.  Even if that means that there is no test which checksums an
entire superlarge mmap() region.
Instead i've changed/added test cases in

- Removed all context-manager usage from LargeMmapTests().
  This feature has been introduced in 3.2 and is already tested
  elsewhere.  Like this the test is almost identical on 2.7 and 3.x.
- I've dropped _working_largefile().  This creates a useless large
  file only to unlink it directly.  Instead the necessary try:catch:
  is done directly in the tests.
- (Directly testing after .flush() without reopening the file.)
- These new tests don't run on 32 bit.

May the juice be with you
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